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    HD video sensor - 4 spaces
    Cars and license plates recognition
    Security monitoring
    LED lighting
    Parking guidance for drivers
    Code by zone
    Let's experience together
    The connected parking
    Better management, greater customers’ service, new revenue streams.
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    License Plate / QR Code recognition
    100% Automated Access Control
    Barrier control
    Trigger in - out
    Let's experience together

    The connected parking

    Better management, greater customers’ service, new revenue streams.

Our solution plans Build your custom solution and pay as you go!

Entrance/Exit Plan

  • Fast entrance/exit
  • Spot availability LED lights
  • Security at parking spot
  • Car search on mobile
  • Mapping on mobile
  • Auto parking discount
  • Mobile payment
  • Management software

Parking Guidance Plan

  • Fast entrance/exit
  • Spot availability LED lights
  • Security at parking spot
  • Car search on mobile
  • Mapping on mobile
  • Auto parking discount
  • Mobile payment
  • Management software

Full Management Plan

  • Fast entrance/exit
  • Spot availability LED lights
  • Security at parking spot
  • Car search on mobile
  • Mapping on mobile
  • Auto parking discount
  • Mobile payment
  • Management software


K2000-1X is a fully digital License Plate & QR Code recognition IP camera connected to L’iPark© cloud.

K2000-1X video sensor is built in a double-sealed waterproof enclosure IP55.

The camera includes a 2MP WDR video sensor providing clear and sharp images during day and night (with external light).

product k2000


Easy installation & maintenance Manual varifocal lens 2.8-12mm
Auto remote firmware upgrade Auto day & night switching
Barrier control functions (trigger in/out) Quick push and release cabling connector
Embedded Linux OS (license free) Communication: RJ45, 1000Mbit/sec, Ethernet
Input power PoE 802.3af Basic Power Consumption 10 W
Operating 0°C – 40 °C Communication Protocols: TCP/IP
Dimensions : 293 × 250 × 98 mm IEC standard 60529 - IP 55


K2000-2X single side and K2000-4X double side cameras are low illumination sensors.

With 2M pixels sensors, K2000-2X/4X provide a crystal clear image (even in dark conditions) allowing the best license plate and car brand recognition accuracy on the market with a low lens distortion.

Equipped with a LED light indicator, the cameras inform also drivers on the spaces occupancy and type around.

k2000 4x camera


2 or 4 parking spaces monitoring Easy and fast installation/maintenance
HD 960 standard resolution Power consumption: max 12W
Connector: single RJ45 PoE 802.3af Video stream: MPEG4
Customizable LED indicator Dimensions: 300 x 130 x 130 mm
To be connected to K2000 video processor Colors: blue / black (ask us for other colors)


The video processor K2000 is the power source and data collectors of L’iPark© video sensors K2000-1X, K2000-2X and K2000-4X.

Each video processor can support up to 32 parking spaces (or 14 sensors).

product video processor


Easy installation & maintenance Communication: RJ45 100M / 1000M Uplink
Up to 14 x 802.3af PoE port + 1 uplink (RJ45) Embedded HD video recording with backend
Dimensions: 400 x 300x 150 mm Embedded Linux OS (license free)
Detection time: 3 to 6 seconds 3 Layer ultra-high accuracy detection
Working Voltage: AC 220~240V Power consumption: max 120W
LED control RS485 Bus Working Humidity: 0%~95%
Working Temperature: -10 ~+55 Communication Protocols: TCP/IP

Cloud Software

L’iPark© cloud software allows you to monitor all your parking data and videos from your computer/mobile from any locations anytime.

Create different access for your staff and manage your parking with real time statistics/videos allowing you to take faster actions and decisions.

  • Monitor all your parking lots
  • Retrieve recorded videos
  • Watch live video
  • Analyze parking data with advanced statistics
  • Secure communication (VPN, X509 certificates)
  • Multi users / Multi roles
  • Create targeted marketing campaign on mobile
  • Manage shops access
  • Collect mobile payments
l'iPark cloud software

Compatible Hardware

With L’iPark© cloud you can monitor several parking from a single web access and also easily integrate with third party system by using our HTTP Open API.

We are able to supply the complementary equipments for your parking:

  • LED display (indoor & outdoor)
  • LCD display
  • Kiosk (Car locator)
  • Barrier
  • Payment machine
  • LED lighting
l'ipark hardware


L’ipark© Solution helps you attract and retain your customers and generate more revenue.


  • Fast entrance/exit
  • Mobile payment (no queuing)
  • Auto parking discount (no queuing)
  • Parking spaces availability check
  • Fast parking (parking guidance)
  • Car location search
  • Preferential offers


  • Consumers behaviours data analytics
  • Management cost decrease
  • Mobile targeted advertising (new revenue)
  • Electronic payment collection
  • Number of visitors increase
  • Optimum security at space
  • Better Service & Brand image


  • New promotion channel
  • Customer arrival notification
  • Parking discount as a gift

Why L'iPark?

Because our video sensors and cloud software are made with care by French engineers and that we don’t compromise on quality and service.
App friendly

We give you access and help you built awesome parking functions on mobile.

Revenue Generator

An O2O solution for your shops and a targeted advertising module for brands. Your new mobile parking functions can now reach a large audience & usage.

Top User Experience

Parking spaces availability and car position search, mobile payment, automatic parking discount, LED guidance…your clients feel at home.

Plug & Play

System based on PoE connection technology; the installation is fast. All the components are linked by RJ45 cables. 100% scalable system.

Data Analytics

Understand better your parking usage such as time to park, shortest/longest stay, average revenue per user and so on. Optimize management decisions.

Top Security

Videos of the entire cars are recorded in HD. Fasten conflicts resolution and increase security awareness. You can micro manage your employees on site.

Experienced Staff

Our staff has 10 years of experience in the parking industry. We are addressing the problems you are facing daily with L’iPark© solution.


Our proprietary cloud parking platform allows us to customize your backend and interface to integrate new hardware and information flows as needed.

After Sales Support

We have engineered and sourced our own hardware and software. We always keep a spare stock for fast replacement on site. Product warranty: 2 years.

Smart Parking in the Smart City

  • As an adopter of new technologies such as L’iPark© smart sensors, cloud computing and mobile functions, you are part of a bigger picture which is the development of the smart city.
  • By integrating L’iPark© solution in your facilities, you are contributing not only to the reduction of CO2 emissions but you are also reducing drivers’ daily pain in your city
  • L’iPark solution is open to mobile APP and City M2M platforms.

Benefits of Smart Parking initiatives

Reduction in congestion level 10%

Increase in revenue 30%

Increase in retail sales 179%

Less time spend in cities 43%

Source: International Parking Institute

About us L’iPark© is powered by SILEX LAB, a company specialized in connected hardware for the global B2B market.

A cloud solution for world class parking management based on video data

about us

L’iPark© is the new generation of indoor parking guidance based on video sensors and image recognition. With car license plate tracking, car brands recognition and data analytics, it allows you to improve your parking management, parking brand image and income while offering optimum cars security and an innovative mobile experience to your customers.

L'iPark mission

Provide a custom solution that will allow you to:

  1. Control all parking properties from 1 central point (Multi-parking management)
  2. Create a unique parking experience for users (Mobile APP functions) DEMO
  3. Increase your revenue (Targeted Advertising)

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